Jan De Baere

Jan De Baere

Enterprise Agile Coach, Cegeka


In order to deal with and even thrive on the ever increasing speed and complexity we need to collaborate and organize in another way. Thanks to the explosion of social technology (Agile, S3.0, theory U…), today we have other possibilities of dealing with these challenges and opportunities.

The bottom-up approach usually used in agile transformations is morphing into cultural transformations where the whole company and all the aspects are changing. Moving from static to dynamic organizations. Coaching organizations on this journey is what he does.

Jan De Baere’s specialization is on enterprise/business agility and organizational structures.

Concepts of working with knowledge workers with an ever increasing complexity and speed of change.

What can I promise to a client, manager, user, citizen? We are supposed to be more accurate in our forecasts and at the same time we should be more flexible in the execution. On top of that we have to be respectful for all kinds of changing priorities.

When working harder is not going to solve the problem anymore. This is a real story of a department making the journey of thinking differently and working smarter. How did they – and can you – convince their -internal- clients, peers and their upper management of this change?

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