Iwona Winiarska

Iwona Winiarska

Agile Delivery Manager, Automation Logic


Iwona is an Agile Delivery Consultant at Automation Logic working on Agile and DevOps transformation programmes in the public and private sectors.
Currently, she helps the teams and organisations find better ways of working and create transformative change by applying a variety of Agile, Lean and DevOps principles and user-centred design. While working at Government Digital Service, Iwona has supported cross-government digital transformation and the Agile Delivery Community of Practice. She is a regular speaker at Agile and DevOps conferences, trainer, facilitator, coach and she also runs Agnostic Agile events within the global Agnostic Agile movement.

User experience and satisfaction are perhaps the most talked about topics in many organisations both in the public and private sectors. Identifying your users and their needs is crucial for any product or service development. It’s particularly important for DevOps teams to understand who their users are and what value and business outcome they are trying to deliver.

This talk delves into a concept of User/Customer Experience (UX/CX), and how it can be applied within the DevOps environment. We’ll look at how we can satisfy our internal users’ needs within your organisation and apply human-centred design to our DevOps solutions and transformations. You’ll also learn a few useful techniques that will help you focus on your users and become customer-centric.