Founder and CEO Agile Delta


Giles is a Technology Leader with over 25 years’ industry experience. He is an Enterprise Agile Consultant, as well as being a Fellow with the BCS (the Chartered Institute for IT) and a Fellow with the Institute of Analysts and Programmers. He’s a long-term Agilist and Enterprise Agile Coach. He is also a member of the Advisory Council of the Disciplined Agile Consortium.

As a technology and agile leader, I am always being asked the questions about what makes an agile transformation successful and what makes it fail, and aside from the usual discussions around the challenges of agile leadership, organisational changes required and frameworks that an organisation is adopting, throughout the conversation, I’m concerned that there’s an obvious missing element that many organisations seem to take for granted when transforming a business to new agile ways of working… the people.

In this talk, using my own experiences from leading agile adoptions over the last 10+ years, I am going to share why we need our people to be agile, who an agile person is, uncovering what makes them tick, discovering the challenges they have to go through to be agile and listening to the advice being given to support them on their journey.

Now, as I will highlight at this session, their journey is not always that straight forward or as easy as some people like to make out…