Jim Howard

Jim Howard

Independent Product Development and Management Consultant


Jim Howard is a freelance Product Consultant specialising in data and content.

After working at the BBC for a number of years, he has worked on projects for a number of clients including Government Digital Service, The Telegraph, Eurosport, Agrimetrics and others.

These projects have covered utilising data for Business, Sport, News and Agriculture.

CASE STUDY: Maximising the value of data

Many companies buy in data from external suppliers to augment or supplement products that they own.

The details of what organisations can do with the data they buy, how it links with their content and how the data can help enhance internal and external facing products, are often overlooked.

Maximising the value of assets and contracts is a key part of any transformation programme and we will go over some examples of where use of data has been pushed beyond its initial intention to help with the wider enterprise.