Former VP at CA Technologies, Huw was ‘Application Delivery Global QA Strategist’, Huw has 30 years of experience as a software inventor and software entrepreneur. Founder of five software companies, Huw specializes in DevOps software solutions and was the inventor of Agile Designer, a complete solution to design software and auto create the test cases, test data and virtualization assets needed to develop, test and deploy high quality solutions.

It’s not smart to reinvent the wheel: finding testing intelligence in existing tools and processes
This session presents practical steps to introducing a greater degree of intelligence into testing, while working with existing technologies.

Connecting existing tools and processes can improve both the efficiency and quality of testing, increasing automation and closing the feedback loop. A fully connected DevOps framework enables “always on” test automation, that monitors systems to constantly identify and execute the most rigorous set of tests possible, based on time and risk factors.

The talk will consider practical steps that can incrementally improve the information flow between existing technologies. It will discuss how to leverage the increasing amount of data collected by testing, optimising test automation based on three key factors: time, risk, and learning about the system under test.

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