Dan’s role as Managing Director and Co-founder at Piccadilly is one of “value creator” – along with overseeing the company, he is heavily involved working with clients, senior management and delivery teams to achieve greater value for Piccadilly’s clients. Dan’s focus lies in the successful development of ideas, people and solutions that make a measurable difference to our work at Piccadilly. Dan has 15+ years’ experience consulting within the banking and financial sector, consulting for major financial organisations across the UK, Europe, US, Middle East and South Africa. He is often invited to speak at conferences and regularly contributes to management papers, industry articles and national press. He has been profiled in several national newspapers for entrepreneurism.

Digital Skills: Human transcendence the hitchhikers guide to surviving the AI Singularly
What are the implications of allowing AI into our workplace? or, is it already too late? Would you be able to work for a robot? In this talk, Stacey looks at the recent industry demands on digital recruitment. What new skills will humans need in the near future to survive AI?

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