As ISARA Corporation’s Chief Technology Officer and Co-founder, Mike Brown is focused on the technical vision and direction for ISARA Corporation.

Mike was most recently the Vice President of Security Product Management and Research at BlackBerry, where he co-founded the product security practice and was responsible for the vision and execution of security for all BlackBerry products. Mike has spoken at global security events including RSA, CTIA, GTEC, Bloomberg, APECTEL and InfoSec Europe. He holds a Masters of Mathematics from the University of Waterloo, focusing on cryptography.

A Quantum of Safety: Quantum Computing and the Reinvention of Security
At an accelerating rate, astonishing research and staggering financial investment are being poured into the development of quantum computers. Modern security standards can protect against attacks using conventional computers, but quantum computers don’t operate in the same way. When quantum computing breaks the cryptography we currently rely on, will you be prepared?

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