I have been actively working in the Fin-Tech sector for the past 7 years having co-funded 2 startups, the first one focused on Blockchain R&D and the second one, CreditSCRIPT, a platform that enables professional investors to deploy capital in the alternative lending ecosystem where I am currently concentrated full-time.

In parallel I have been advising non-competing companies as Non-Exec providing insights on tech and finance.
As no-profit activities I like to keep in touch with the community of students and for this reason I have made myself available as speaker for a Fin-Tech program at the University of Siena and I have been sponsoring stages for the high-school where I was initially trained.
My background is strongly on Tech, I started developing when I was 13 years old and never stopped, I have been trained in Mathematics & Computer Science faculty at the University of Pisa (attending courses on Finance too) that I left unfinished to pursue my career in Fin-Tech when I lunched my first company.

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