Arjun is the Founding CEO and Head of AI at DDM, operators of the world’s largest diabetes community A self-confessed data geek, Arjun holds a first-class honours degree (MEng) in Computing and Artificial Intelligence from Imperial College, London. Benefiting from a decade of experience in big data and affecting user outcomes, Arjun leads the organisation’s development of intelligent, evidence-based digital health interventions that harness the power of big data and artificial intelligence to provide precise and personalised care to patients, health agencies and governments worldwide. The approach is redefining chronic disease and wellness, with over 1m people within DDM’s platform. Arjun is an advisor to the Information School, University of Sheffield and his book on Machine Learning and AI for Healthcare, is scheduled for publication in 2019.

Connected healthcare: developing empowering skills
Exploring the development of connected healthcare solutions and how connected devices such as Amazon Alexa can be used to provide health and wellness engagement to improve clinical health outcomes.

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