Ankur Modi is the CEO and co-founder of StatusToday, which was recently recognized as amongst Europe’s hottest Artificial Intelligence start-ups by Business Insider and Techworld. He is an expert in big data with a unique specialization in human behavior and has recently been recognized as Forbes 30 Under 30 in Technology. Most recently Ankur served as an expert advisor to the Westminster Parliament and was awarded the fellowship by the Royal Society of Arts and Commerce. Ankur left India at 17 to pursue Computer Science in Germany and subsequently received training in Psychology from Oxford University. Prior to StatusToday, Ankur led global projects as an engineer and project manager at Microsoft. At StatusToday, Ankur and his team have created a unique Intelligence platform helps companies boost employee wellness and transform workplace productivity.


The Power of People Analytics: Peeking into the knowledge worker of the future
Modern dysfunctional workplaces have employees that are overworked and under constant pressure to deliver. Without access to objective and transparent data about their well-being, they are helpless. The ability to provide every worker on the planet with benchmarked workplace data about themselves to self-improve and challenge the status-quo of modern overworking. Is there a future where objective AI can unlock our true potential, detect our key problems and empower us with rich data about our inefficiencies? No Surveys. No consultancies. No inefficient meetings.

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