Steven is co-founder and CEO of coMakeIT, and is based in the Netherlands. He has extensive experience in setting up and managing large-scale, distributed development centers for global technology companies across Europe, North America, and India. Prior to coMakeIT, Steven made significant contributions to the growth of global technology companies such as Baan (now Infor), and Cordys (now Open Text) in senior, executive leadership roles.

Adopting disruptive technologies in a traditional organization
Handling disruption and technology transformation is a difficult exercise, in any circumstances. When this transformation also calls for a fundamental redesign of existing solutions with new architectural paradigms, and from a data-centric perspective, it becomes even more challenging. This presentation will cover:
♦ How to transform to data driven and data centric architectures
♦ Safeguarding existing technology investments
♦ What does it mean from Data breach perspective

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