I’m an engineer working in the fields of software development and operations.
I see my work as a battle for building better systems and automated processes which are maintainable, transparent, durable and scalable.
I try to always adhere to best practices and share my findings through blog posts and public speaking, so others can enjoy my findings, as much as I enjoy other’s work when it’s being public.
Community and open source are one of our most important tools, and I feel obligated to contribute back.

CI/CD doesn’t necessarily mean Jenkins

Using Drone CI for speed, scale, DR and mostly happiness.

After a few years of working with Jenkins for enterprises, Travis CI for open source and side projects; I began looking for a self-hosted solution. One that would provide the speed and agility of container-native servers, but, would be open sourced with a live community and an easy way to contribute features and create plugins.

Drone combines it all and a bit more. The Golang-based server has been alive and flourishing for over 2 years, new features and fixes are being released, with a live community responding to any query, question or call for help.

Leveraging the light Go concurrency “routines”, drone applies parallel build pipelines, stages and jobs to enhance processes and improve build times. The system provides an easy to set up server and agent(s), out of the box integration with VCSs like GitHub and GitLab and very quick deployment process overall.

Early Bird End Date