With more than 5 years of experience combining hands-on and management; Guillermo, a Computer Science Engineer, has become a DevOps and Agile lead. He is working as a Technology Delivery Architect within Accenture. He is highly skilled in technology, technology business capabilities and new management and delivery models.

Hard-worker, active, dynamic, very fast learner, motivated and ambitious person. His leadership skills and capacity of taking decisions and motivate people, besides his knowledge, made him a reference for DevOps, Agile and Innovation Transformation and Transition.

He is always looking for innovation, high performance, evolution and development. He has become a regular speaker when DevOps, Transformation or Continuous Improvement is the topic.

I want DevOps… but I’m so Waterfallish!

It’s clear the delivery market trend is DevOps, both from an organization point of view and technology. It has been demonstrated how companies applying DevOps can innovate and experiment faster and cheaper, which eventually is materialized on market growth. Besides the increase in revenue, it also creates a culture of motivation and happiness.

However, a transition into DevOps is not easy, especially for big and traditional companies. Managing DevOps enablement using traditional project management practices can be challenging, but most of the times it’s required (one of the goals of being DevOps is changing the management style). Trying to work Agile and controlling the effort in a waterfall way it’s hard, and it creates frustration.

During this presentation, you’ll be able to find how running a DevOps assessment from a Technical Architect point of view can help on guiding the DevOps enablement. Finding how to combine efforts in the areas of People, Process, and Technology.

Some of the topics covered during the presentation are: why organizations “can’t” be DevOps, how to run a DevOps assessment or Deliverables that can help in the DevOps transition.

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