Marleen is a Data Analyst I at ABN AMRO Clearing Bank N.V. Her main tasks in her role within the Modelling Team include Data Visualization and Interpretation of Machine Learning / Deep Learning Model (Data Anomaly Detection) -Global Model Support (Correlation Haircut Model & Real Time Risk Model). Tasks as Core Team Member: Innovations Team ABN AMRO Clearing.

How Data Visualization Made our Machine Learning Project a Success
Because of DV we were able to convince Management that we have to continue with our Machine Learning (ML) project because we showed them visually which synthetic data points we inserted, why we couldn’t find them based on our current approach, and how the Machine did find 99% of synthetic data points (that was our Anomaly Detection POC in short). The presentation also covers:- What is the difficulty of ML techniques OR How to sell ML within your company; How to make Data Visualization interactive with a Self BI tool like Tableau; How to create flexible Dashboards with Interactivity for Viewing-Users.

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