Mark Grundland is a data science and product management consultant with over 20 years’ experience in research and development. With the creative mindset of a designer and the commercial passion of an entrepreneur, he regularly advises tech start-ups on commercializing innovation, bridging the gap between technology and market opportunity. Currently, Mark Grundland works with Vanguard Strategy and Pfizer, using medical big data to model how doctors select drug treatments. Previously, at Skimlinks, he investigated the contextual and behavioral factors that signal purchase intent in online commerce. He graduated with a PhD in image processing from the University of Cambridge.

Winning Ways for Your Visualization Plays
What enables an effective visualization to deliver insight at a glance? This talk presents practical techniques for how information visualization design can take better account of the fundamental limitations of visual perception, exploring the design choices that determine whether a picture can communicate the data it is meant to represent.

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