The Pioneers – Innovative management practices, employee experience design and new ways of working.

As a Partner at The Pioneers, I lead the employee experience design and digital transformation activities for the HR and Operations departments at our client portfolio companies. I’m a change and transformation guy with a passion for creating incredible work experiences by building environments, methods and tooling that supports people reaching their potential while driving exponential commercial results.

Prior to The Pioneers, I worked in investment banking, consulting and ERP technology for 17 years in NYC, then moved to the UK to help grow and lead hyper-growth tech companies such as MessageLabs (now Symantec), SpinVox (now Nuance), Skype (now Microsoft), Dialog Semiconductor, MetaPack, Kantar IT Partnership and Brady Plc, to achieve global market share, by providing innovative agile work process, leadership & management capability, employee experience design and holistically integrated and aligned talent management processes, tools and organizational design. I’ve been working in the UK and globally for the last 13 years.

Today’s use of AI and Machine Learning in the field of Human Resource and Talent Management
I’ll be exploring how AI and Machine Learning are being incorporated into a multitude of applications across the entirety of the employee life cycle. My initial focus will help define the use of this exciting technology – highlighting the intersection between human and machine sits today, what the implications are regarding interacting with AI and Machine Learning, how HR and Productivity tech makers are incorporating these technical constructs into their applications today, and how you can benefit from their use vs. what you need to be mindful of in utilising these tools (such as algorithmic bias). I will cover off technology aimed at passive candidate attraction, recruitment, on-boarding, dynamic performance management aligned to learning and development, pay and reward management, promotion and succession planning, people analytics and insight analysis for targeted program development and decision-making.

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