Disney is a tech enthusiast and digital evangelist. Working with leading SaaS vendors in Berlin, Sydney and London to empower Fortune 500 clients to analyse, understand, retain, reward and grow their customers. Experience in sectors such as telecoms, stored value payments, mobile enterprise application platforms, web accessibility and real-time interaction management. Current focus on establishing the Nordics market for ‘Digital Experience Analytics’ solution by ContentSquare.

Data democratisation! Web analytics In the age of abstraction, visualisation and AI.
Is the practice of specialised analytics teams working in silo’s and creating vast report artefacts to the business team still the best practice? In the today’s environment business users are subject to an amassment of data and restrictions on resources to act on them. Time to rethink analytics?

Disney will question the status quo of many digital teams today to provoke thought and highlight alternative analytics projects. Use cases will be shared from the digital and people transformation initiative that is being led by ContentSquare to empower businesses with UX Analytics as well as personal experiences working with leading brands.

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