Adam works in Marketing at Satalia, one of Europe’s fastest growing AI companies that combine optimisation and machine learning to solve the world’s hardest optimisation problems. Adam regularly speaks about the future of AI – what it is, what it is not and what impact it will have on industries, and the wider society. Adam also discusses how technology, psychology and philosophy are being applied internally to build smarter, faster and more innovative organisations; giving practical examples of how Satalia are using data science to tackle feedback, pay reviews, resource allocation, strategic decision making and organisational design. Adam has recently done talks for Google, GSK, Pearson PLC and Orange.

The future of AI
♦ What is Data Driven Decision Making? And what technologies sit within it?
♦ What’s wrong with human decision making?
♦ What is AI, what it is not and why it is hard?
♦ Ethical AI – the challenges we face and the philosophical questions that must be answered
♦ Applications of AI within marketing, operations and organisational design
♦ Innovation and talent in the context of AI.

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