Jonathon Wright

Jonathon Wright

Chief Technology Officer, Digital Assured


Jonathon Wright is a strategic thought leader and distinguished technology evangelist. He specializes in emerging technologies, innovation, and automation, and has more than 25 years of international commercial experience within global organizations. He is currently the CTO of Digital-Assured based in Oxford in the UK. Jonathon combines his extensive practical experience and leadership with insights into real-world adoption of Cognitive Engineering (Enterprise A.I. and AIOps). Thus, he is frequently in demand as a speaker at international conferences such as TEDx, Gartner, Oracle, AI Summit, ITWeb, EuroSTAR, STAREast, STARWest, UKSTAR, Guild Conferences, Swiss Testing Days, Unicom, DevOps Summit, TestExpo and Vivit Community. Jonathon is the QA Lead for the COVID Safe Paths MIT project during the Coronavirus pandemic. He is also part of A.I. Alliance for the European Commission, a member of the review committee for the ISO-IEC 29119 part 11 for the “Testing of A.I. based systems” for the British Computer Society (BCS SIGiST). Jonathon is also the podcast host of the QA lead (based in Canada) and the author of several award-winning books and online-courses.

Closing Keynote: The State of Tooling

Next generation tools unlock the power of analytics and autonomics for continuous delivery. While automation solutions within current testing implementations help to address agility need, such automation is typically driven by static rules using conventional scripting and orchestration techniques. Such techniques incur high maintenance overhead to keep updated relative to changing circumstances. The recent emergence of cognitive engineering technologies (such as autonomics) has evolved the ‘State of Tooling’ introducing the possibility to drive adaptive automation within testing implementations. Such automation can self-heal and self-configure based on changing situations. In this session, Jonathon will present how next generation data engineering and autonomics technologies can be leveraged to power the next generation of cognitive testing implementations, and how they can support the needs of your organisation.

‘State of Tooling’ Report 2020 findings:

– The introduction of valid use cases for Artificial Intelligence (A.I) tool capabilities.

– The shift towards Shifting Right, over Shifting Left.