Richard, currently running Elastacloud, has over 22 years writing software across a variety of business lines from finance to communication. His personal interests are architectural patterns and practices for data, languages such as C#, Scala, Java, Python and R and Lua. He has good experience with Apache Spark and Hadoop stack in general and a past contributor and is interested in new techniques like deep learning and new frameworks like Tensorflow too.He has founded the UK Azure community, IoT and Data Science Innovators and is a strong contributor to open source including Spark, Storm, Parquet and Libcloud and a bunch of useful tools on GitHub.

Overview Data Lake including demystification of terminologies
Organisations now look to the Data Lake as the new single version of the truth where they looked as they used to look to a Data Warehouse. In this plenary Richard Conway will assess why every organisation needs to shift their thinking to accessibility of data as the source for all other sources. You will learn all terms and ideas of Data Lake related to design and implementation as well as dos and don’ts. An arsenal of words and good practice that every executive should have in their war chest!

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