Dr. Richard Sykes is a businessman with a breadth of involvement & experience that spans the chemical industry, the IT industry – and the world of the visual arts. He has held senior executive roles in a major global multinational [ICI plc] and non-executive chairmanships in a number of smaller ventures. He has lived and operated internationally, including in Japan. A former Board member of Intellect (the UK business association of the IT, Telecoms and Electronics industries – now techUK), Dr. Sykes chairs the Cloud Industry Forum, and serves on the board of FAST (Federation Against Software Theft). In the arts, he is Trustee of the Dartington International Summer School Foundation.

Keynote: From Dev/Ops to Arch/Ops – The New World of Infrastructure Design & Management

We are now entering the age of Big Software, where data storage, processing and networking are all software defined: and a world where the technical infrastructure for data processing is increasingly hybrid, integrating on-site, cloud, IoT ‘edge’ and more. Just as software development has recently evolved to be more closely aligned to driving the operations it is intended to underwrite – thus Dev/Ops – so now the optimum architecture for data processing operations can be shaped by the performance objectives being targeted – thus Arch/Ops. Dr Sykes will set the scene for the two key foci of the day: On Being Cloud Native and On Being the Data Driven Enterprise. He is Chair of the Cloud Industry Forum, and Strategic Advisor at Bloor.

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