Athanasios Ladopoulos

Chief Investment Officer LAPO.io , Managing Partner 2SPro Group

Senior Investment Executive with deep expertise in asset/portfolio management, with refined leaderships and people management skills. With a broad country, industry, sector expertise and strong understanding of technology and how it is affecting investment decisions now and in the future. Entrepreneurial, and highly energetic, with deep intellectual curiosity and surgical focus. A natural stock picker and assets allocator, that has developed several proprietary investment methodologies in equities and Crypto currencies, steadily progressed throughout his career to reach Chief Investment Officer and set up his own Hedge Fund. Currently he focuses on how Crypto currencies can be embedded in Education Technology, and in building efficient investment strategies in volatile Crypto currencies. He holds an MSc in Intelligent Management Systems (AI) and is currently pursuing a second MSc in Machine Learning at Georgia Technology Institute.

Stable Coins – The Holy Grail or Holy Smoke?
Crypto currencies have failed to gain the global acceptance first dreamed by their founders. A major reason cited frequently is set to be the high volatility they exhibit. In search of answers Stable Coins were created with the promise to even eliminate volatility and hence pave the way for their explosive acceptance by the mainstream markets, or so it was the belief. What went wrong?

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