Zachary Reece is the Managing Partner of BlockTrade Investments. He also serves as the CEO of Carolina Investments. Zachary’s background came from both the tech industry, as well as the finance world. Zachary started as a lead developer for a Fortune 500 Company. After his project was acquired by another institution he turned his sights to finance. Becoming a Licensed Full Trader (Series 7 & 63 Licenses) in the process. After the SEC and FINRA took a defensive posture, Zachary left the ‘Traditional Trading’ on the NYSE and committed full time to what he had traded for a decade. Since forming the 1st FINRA and SEC Compliant United States based Blockchain Investment Fund he has worked on multiple ICO projects as an advisor. He continues this work today.

ICO’s: Threat or Opportunity?
We explore the effects of the ICO on the Traditional Market now and in the coming 12-24 months. This includes informing them of the growing fear from not only regulators but from the public as jobs and employment will soon become an issue. We discuss our ability as a community to control this narrative and progressively address it. Ultimately being proactive rather than the reactive culture that has driven us to this point.

The Event Will Start In