Throughout Jeffery’s career, he has advised, built, and grown multiple technology ventures into successful liquidations for shareholders. His first venture Panjury, which he founded, was an online sentiment analyser, whose technology was sold to the Chinese big-data giant ONL, resulting over 1,500% returns for investors within three years. His second venture Snapask, an education technology company, in which he served as COO, had grown from an ed-tech startup to an almost billion-dollar education conglomerate, resulting over a 100x multiple returns for various shareholders & investors.

How Distributed Information Systems Can Revitalize the Carbon Economy – Abstract
This short educational presentation gives the audience a good overview of both the carbon markets, blockchain technology, and how these two worlds can intersect to revitalize the carbon economy. I begin by covering in laymen terms a short history and overview of the current carbon markets, and some of it’s limitations. After presenting the limitations of the carbon markets I will proceed to how blockchains or other distributed information systems are able to solve this problem.

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