Initially having a background in Electronics Engineering, as one of the few people involved in Bitcoin in 2011, I have been involved in every aspect of the market and seen it grow and mature, eventually launching my own startup Bitspark which has won several international awards and is the pioneer in the Bitcoin / Blockchain Remittance space- rapidly expanding to cater new customers and geographies.

Based in Hong Kong, I have a deep knowledge and understanding of Blockchain the technology, the market and the use cases having consulted on a few projects with fortune 500 companies looking to get engaged in the space in my spare time away from Bitspark. Often a speaker at Hong Kong and overseas financial technology events almost monthly, I am dedicated to spreading the knowledge and understanding of some of the breakthroughs in Fintech and particularly identifying use cases and conveying these to my audiences in the best way possible.

Focused on cementing Bitspark’s place as a global leader in the Blockchain remittance space, I am eager to engage with those in the industry and always look forward to learning more from those around me.

Remittances, Stablecoins and the rise of alternative payment mechanisms in APAC
George Harrap will discuss the current state of Bitcoin and blockchain based remittances and money transfer systems and provide a glimpse into the new world of pegged stable cryptocurrencies for usage in payments globally.

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