I studied at Delft University of Technology and Nyenrode Business School. I have worked in various sectors, beginning in transport and logistics before making the move into the financial sector some seven years ago. I can therefore draw on various perspectives, and I have seen how the different sectors can learn from each other in their pursuit of continuous improvement. By combining ideas to examine existing situations from different, perhaps unconventional angles, and by applying techniques in hitherto untried ways or in pursuit of new objectives, one arrives at innovative ideas which will eventually change and reinvigorate organizations or even entire sectors.

At AXVECO, my main areas of responsibility are Digital Disruption, Blockchain and BPM. Continuous improvement is often a question of taking a leap into the unknown, radically overhauling existing work processes. This is particularly true in these times of major technological advances.

When do we use Blockchain and its products and services.
Many people talk about Blockchain, but most of the use cases don’t need Blockchain in the first place. When do you want to use blockchain and if so, what are general products and services one can run on a blockchain. This session is a deep-dive into what these products and services and what they entail. Find out what is more in practice – tokens, Smart Contracts. in practice or code?

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