Douglas Azar has 12 years’ experience in Banking in various locations (U.S.A, Middle East, Switzerland) including 8 years in Private Banking focusing on investment advisory. He also has extensive knowledge in “art investment” and wrote articles in newspapers on the subject. He graduated from Audencia business school in France and also has a Master in business law form Assas University in Paris. He is a CAIA (Chartered Alternative Investment Analyst) charter holder.

Non-bankable assets on the Blockchain
♦ Definition of Tokenization and its implication on the real world assets
♦ How the tokenization on the Blockchain could open a new horizon for wealth management institutions
♦ A deep dive into the tokenization process of non-bankable assets
♦ Challenges and opportunities of the Blockchain technology applied to the wealth management industry
♦ Conclusion and Q&A

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