Steve Kitching has more than 20 years of experience in all elements of the IT system lifecycle, from requirements analysis, to capacity planning, to technical analysis and design, to production support and management.

Currently the Managing Director of DCG UK, Steve has a passion for the effective use of functional sizing and IT estimation, Steve has helped a number of clients in this space since joining DCG (Now Premios).

An Approach to Fixed Price Agile

This presentation will describe an approach to measuring Agile development that allows for an approximation to fixed price contracts.

Why is this important?

The industry has justifiably bought into the benefits of Agile development for, primarily, improving customer satisfaction and, secondarily, for improving value delivery and shorter time to market.
However, there is a group of people who find Agile development hugely frustrating collectively, the “investors.” This group have gone from being frustrated that estimates of cost and duration for waterfall projects were invariably wrong or, at least, very fragile in the face of change to being frustrated that Agile teams will not even provide estimates of cost and duration to allow them to incorporate change.

The presentation describes an approach for cost and duration predictability developed by the author and his colleagues in numerous workshops with a major financial services client as an alternative to paying for all Agile development from outsourced software development vendors on a T&M basis. The approach has subsequently been refined through work with other clients and experts in the field.

Key lessons or concepts that will be conveyed:

  • A better way to measure Agile development to help manage investor expectations
  • Transition from paying for Agile development as T&M to fixed price
  • Implementation issues that might arise and how to manage them
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