Soumyadip is Principal Lean, Agile and DevOps Consultant at Infosys Ltd. where he advises companies how to accelerate the delivery of software-enabled products and services.

A career encompassing Development, Engineering, Testing and Product Management roles has provided Soumyadip keen insight into the real-world challenges facing organizations today.

Soumyadip works with people to develop sustainable strategies for Enterprise level transformation, and facilitates people to understand how they can work at their optimum.

As an agile trainer, coach and consultant, he has supported large scale agile/DevOps adoptions across multiple large organisations to startups, helping them make the transition to Agile way of working, implementing Agile at Scale, employ Lean Product Development approaches and instill Lean Startup mindset.

Key traits must to lead a successful agile & DevOps transformation
Driving and leading Agile & DevOps Transformation within an IT organisation might be quite challenging due to complexity involved in managing change across the enterprise. Magnitude of challenge is increases further, if you are dealing with organisations where need for change is still not realized at all levels in organisational hierarchy equally, having multi-vendor & multi location team, departmental silos, failed running initiatives and many more.

So the purpose of my talk is to highlight the key traits a transformation leader should possess in driving, sustaining and scaling change across the organisation.

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