Colin strives for successful delivery first time every time. By championing a Zero-Known Defect approach to delivery coupled with BDD, Cynefin, Real Options and genuine whole team-agility he enjoys helping others discover success in their teams. As a speaker at several UK conferences Colin has had opportunity to offer a challenge, revision and extension to the Agile Manifesto and impart alternative approaches to BDD with ZKD that have found success with his clients. Formerly head of a BDD Practice at Capita, Colin now works as Head of Product and Innovation for Capita Application Services.

Transforming Struggling Agile Teams: Practical success from real world examples
You’re Agile. You’re delivering. You’re also seeing the Singularity of Failure approaching: technical debt, challenged velocity, and a definition of done that is more a guideline than a fact. You’re struggling. Let’s change that, and reverse this downward spiral using real-world practical examples including BDD, Real Options and Zero-Known Defects.

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