Vivek is a Coach and a software tester. Working with people and bringing the best out of them is what he does best and been doing that for so long in his profession. He works as a Coach and Customer Success Officer who spends most of his time in helping people succeed. He helps individuals, teams, and organizations in achieving what they want. He is a Life Coach, Agile Coach, Leadership & Developmental Coach. He is also a Leadership Circle Practitioner.

PRIME Framework for Organization Transformation
Being Agile is not about adopting a specific agile process blindly but understanding the business dynamics and organization constraints and putting together a process for continuous learning and improvement. It’s about achieving ROI by reducing the cost of delay by reducing the release cycles and reducing the production costs by improving the development process.

PRIME is an empirical approach to help the organization in assessing the current state, designing a solution, educating them on the solution and coaching them to sustain the change and continuously learn and improve.

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