Lynne Johnson

Lynne Johnson is Senior head of two Competence Units at Zuhlke Engineering UK. Born in Seattle Washington USA, Lynne was a model in Europe in the ’80s, a fashion label owner and a hotelier. Since achieving a Software Engineering degree in London in the ’90s, she has been working as a Java Software Engineer, Team Lead, Agile Project Manager, Agile Coach and Line Manager / Career Coach – she’s an agile evangelist and self-proclaimed eco-warrior.

Agile Project Discovery and Liftoff with Agile Chartering
Building digital products is a complex process and requires effective requirements engineering and teamwork. Add to that Agile transition and getting your project up and running with the best possible chance for a successful outcome is critical. An effective Discovery Phase helps build a shared understanding of the problem space. During this talk we will share our experience of Agile Discovery. We will inspire attendees with the different activities and tools for a successful Discovery phase and lifting off a project with what we think is our secret weapon, Agile Chartering.

The Event will start in