Dynamic, results-oriented technology leader with 20+ years of broad experience in leading Technology and Operations teams. Has an excellent track record in building high performing geographically dispersed teams that have delivered superior business outcomes to customers across multiple industries. Proven ability to drive transformation and bridge the technical, operations and business communities to optimize processes and deliver value.

Catalyst for sustainable cultural change, creating focused metric-driven environments and motivating individuals to excel and organizations to succeed.


Agile, DevOps and Bots
For many years now, agile practices have been the bedrock for repeatable software development and delivery. The rapid advent of cloud, IoT, AI & ML and the likes are presenting the software companies a new set of challenges wherein Innovation is rapid, evolutionary and continuous. In the light of continuous innovation becoming a norm, not having a sustainable, automated and repeatable software development and delivery street is a perfect recipe for disaster.

Agile development, continuous everything, DevOps and delegation of repeatable processes to Bots is the way to go and this can be made simple and effective by orchestrating things right and you want to know how? Come aboard and join the session on Agile, DevOps and Bots.

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