Keith has worked in IT for over 30 years leading various software development, DevOps and operations teams at IBM, ADP and Ordnance Survey. In his previous role. he led a project in Ordnance Survey which transformed the way environments were provisioned using a combination of culture change, DevOps, open source tools and changes to business processes. Keith is now Director of DevOps for ADP UK for the iHCM product and is responsible for promoting continuous delivery and DevOps principles as well as changing the patterns and tools used for build and deployment within development and operations teams. He has also spoken at and chaired various DevOps conferences and user groups.

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Holistic DevOps: Why changes in culture, leadership and technology are critical to achieving a success transformation
Often the impression is given that a DevOps transformation mainly relies on the adoption of new tools and techniques. However, this adoption is done by real people within the context of the cultures and structures of the organisation. It is also dependent on the maturity and diversity of the product codebase and the in-built architectural design. Technology can only be adopted quickly if the culture and leadership in all departments involved in development and delivery of software are supportive of the changes required. This presentation uses various experiences from different projects to explore how to address these challenges. It is important to have a clear vision and strategy which aims to achieve holistic outcomes across these various dimensions. It also requires a mind-shift across the organisation to put in place the technical and cultural building blocks for the permanent transformation of the delivery pipeline.

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