Colin strives for successful delivery first time every time. By championing a Zero-Known Defect approach to delivery coupled with BDD, Cynefin, Real Options and genuine whole team-agility which he terms Excellent Engineering he enjoys helping others discover success in their teams. Formerly head of a BDD Practice at Capita, Colin now works as Head of Product and Innovation for Capita Application Services.

Excellent Engineering: discover your Manifesto for agility. Avoid the Singularity of Failure

Learning, leading to successful delivery counts. Conversely, “being Agile” has often become the goal, rather than an aid to achieving success, with the Agile Manifesto treated as immutable regardless of business, and personal, context. Discovering our “Manifesto for agility” that encourages personal and team ownership can change “we want to be Agile” to Excellent Engineering.

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