Trisha Chetani

Trisha Chetani

QA Lead, Adidas


I am a software tester, automation enthusiast. I have been helping the teams to follow testing processes and support, that enable teams to deliver high-quality software in DevOps Environment. I’m always enthusiastic to attend Conferences, meet-ups for professional development, as well as, I am an active community member. I love the work, but I have begun to think more about the big picture, so I am looking for opportunities to thrive in a management role.

Creating Test Stability To Achieve Continuous Delivery
We were an agile team struggling to get our automated tests stable enough for continuous delivery. This talk is about the journey we took to finding stability and achieving continuous delivery.

After this session, you’ll learn techniques to:
1. Treat test code as production code and test environments as production environments
2. Improve the stability of your tests which in turn improves your continuous delivery pipeline
3. Make tests faster to enable fast feedback