Shirley Tarboton

Shirley Tarboton

Lead Software Engineer, Capgemini


Shirley Tarboton is a Lead Software Engineer with Capgemini’s Open Source Cloud Engineering team. She specialises in developing back-end systems in Java on Linux, particularly cloud-hosted microservice architectures. Many of her projects have been within public sector clients, but she has also delivered systems for a range of industries including digital interactive TV.

In addition to her software engineering career, Shirley has worked as a university lecturer, a charity administrator, and as a founder / Tech Lead of a social enterprise working to bridge the digital divide using voicexml.

In her home life, Shirley is a low-carbon pioneer and together with her husband and family, has been driving hybrid/electric cars for 10+ years, has shifted to a lower carbon diet, and has fun experimenting with low-carbon cooking.

Whether working in the public, oil & gas, digital tv, tertiary education or non-profit sectors, Shirley is driven by a desire to solve problems in a simple and efficient way, using the most appropriate technology, whilst maximising benefits to the wider community. She has found this approach to be consistent with sustainability objectives, agile and devops.

As governments and industries concentrate their efforts on solving the issues of climate change, software engineers are by no means exempt from playing their part in the race to net zero. This talk will consider how to build low carbon code, how to test in an efficient way, and what to measure when deploying to the cloud sustainably.