Brijesh Deb

Brijesh Deb

Principal Consultant, Infosys


Brijesh Deb has over 2 decades of experience of leading, managing and coaching teams on Software Testing and embracing the Agile mindset. Being a hands-on software tester has also helped him stay close to technology and understand the intricacies. He has been involved in testing of applications from lightweight mobile apps to the large scale industrial IoT solutions. He works with some of the top most high tech companies providing everyday solutions in the Automotive, Avionics, Semiconductor, Space, Agriculture and Energy sectors to name a few.

Brijesh is an Agile Transformation Agent with the objective of helping organizations in achieving customer excellence with a focus on delivering maximum value to customers, stakeholders and teams. Emphasis on cultural change driven by collaboration at all levels to adapt the agile mindset and change.

Site Reliability Engineering (SRE) – Are we still talking about Testing?
Faster time to market is extremely important for businesses now. However, it’s not just the to market or the quality of the product that is in question.

The points to ponder include:
1. Availability
2. Performance
3. Latency
4. Monitoring
5. Disaster recovery and Emergency Response
6. Change Management
7. Capacity planning
8. Efficiency

While all of these are key elements of engineering tied to development and operations, close observation tells you that there is a lot of testing involved in all of this. What makes it even more interesting is with more and more businesses moving away from monolithic architecture to a more microservices architecture model site reliability is transforming to service relieability which means that testing has a much bigger role to play.

The key takeaways of this talk look at the aspects of testing relevant to SRE.