Steve McNickle

Steve McNickle

Business Director EMEA, HeadSpin


Steve is based in the UK and drives HeadSpin’s business development across Northern Europe. He brings over 25 years of experience in successfully establishing multiple innovative technologies across the EMEA region, through numerous game-changing client successes. Steve has built and guided many successful client and business partnerships across a range of sectors (such as telecoms, financial services, media, defence, research, retail…).

As organisations race to deploy mobile and web applications with market-leading features, there is the continual challenge to assure a fluid, performant digital engagement with their consumers. This is particularly so with interactive or media-rich applications, those utilising 3rd party SDK and API components, and those with a global reach. Many new opportunities are also arising due to new technologies such as 5G, which also bring additional variations that will affect customer experience.

We will investigate the challenges and associated automated approaches to exploit the opportunities with the desired consumer engagement.