Keith Watson

Keith Watson

Director of DevOps, ADP


Keith has worked in IT for over 30 years leading various software development, DevOps and operations teams at IBM, ADP and Ordnance Survey. In his previous role. he led a project in Ordnance Survey which transformed the way environments were provisioned using a combination of culture change, DevOps, open source tools and changes to business processes. Keith is now Director of DevOps for ADP UK for the iHCM product and is responsible for promoting continuous delivery and DevOps principles as well as changing the patterns and tools used for build and deployment within development and operations teams. He has also spoken at and chaired various DevOps conferences and user groups.

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Twitter: @yokeithian

CASE STUDY: Build It, Run it, Own it – the challenges and benefits of moving to responsible software development
“You build it you run it” has been promoted as a way of making software development teams take more responsibility for the impact of their code in operations. This presentation explores the journey of one agile software product in ADP and the challenges and benefits in this approach.