Werner Oosthuizen

Werner Oosthuizen

Testing Team Lead, Fastcomm


  • Mobile and Web testing, (IOS & Android) (All Browsers) – Manual and Automation
  • Writing test cases and test environment preparation (I created my own framework using Appium, Selenium and Ruby code)
  • Writing SQL Database queries
  • Finding Defects (Bugs), Documenting and maintaining test infrastructure
  • Exerting myself in another mindset (Think like a Developer, Tester, and an End User)
  • Very good People and managerial skills
  • Very Computer Literate in all OS’s (Windows, Linux, Mac, Android API’s, and iOS OS’s)
  • Passionate about software testing and quality control
  • Excellent problem-solving skills
  • Exceptional attention to detail and outstanding written and oral communications abilities

I created a framework using Appium and Selenium doing the heavy lifting for me and coding my Automation tests using Ruby.

I created this structure to enable any willing tester to become an automation tester with very little to no coding experience required.

I am able to automate Android, iOS and Portal (Web) & parallel automation using one Appium server and three emulators running either the same test or different test steps on each individual emulator using a very simple method.

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