Rainer Heinold

Rainer Heinold

VP Technology & Services, Aservo


Since leaving university with a diploma in computer sciences, Rainer Heinold is an encourager for companies modernizing their development infrastructures and an expert for ALM and DevOps.

Before joining ASERVO Rainer has been Manager of Technical Services in EMEA for CollabNet for over 10 years, spending another 8 years with Rational Software before. During this time he has planned the transition to state-of-the-art methods for very large development teams at companies like CapGemini, Ericsson, NXP and Schneider Electric, conducting implementation together with his team.

A Brief History of DevOps
Since the first notion of the term DevOps we have seen a lot of change in the definition of the term, and how individuals, teams and organization define and implement it.

The presentation tries to summarize the trends from a practical perspective, explains why we are not all in the cloud (yet) and provides an outlook what organizations should be prepared for in the coming years.