Natty Gur

Natty Gur

Founder, Galaxies


“There is only one thing that makes a dream impossible to achieve: the fear of failure.” – Paulo Coelho, The Alchemist. I’ve always wanted to become an alchemist, in a certain way I manage to get there.

Natty Gur is a complexity (in a management context) thought leader. Galaxies, The company that he founded, leverage modelling and simulation to hack complexity and increase X10 efficiencies in companies.

His passion in life is transforming management and leadership beyond imagination. In the last 25 years, he was in critical junctions of some known organizations to shape their future while they shaped his. From saving people’s life while assisting a counter-terrorism organization, through helping organizations like SAP, IBM, McGraw-Hill, Intel, Centrica, Gazprom, Krung Thai Bank, Gulf States, Toyota, and others. Galaxies’ solutions transform leaders and organizations to deal with the worst villain – complexity. Natty is an amateur photographer with a passion for nature and landscaping and a devoted practitioner of daily meditation to be calmer, yet more productive.

Agile is not the (only) way to achieve agility!
Complexity and uncertainty challenge any aspect of our personal and professional life. It’s a modern challenge, a by-product of our progress in any aspect of life. Agility considers being one of the best ways to deal with complexity and uncertainty.

Several agile frameworks, based on the Toyota production system, are available helping companies to become more agile. But there are inherent challenges in all Agile framework. Challenges that prevent all agile framework to provide their promises.

In this talk, we will understand the challenge that drives the creation of Agile frameworks, explore the current agile framework challenges, understand what are the alternatives, explore a case study, and equip you with the first three practical steps to achieve agility without using Agile frameworks.