Mike Harris

Mike Harris

Tester, Geckoboard and BCS


“Mike has been a tester for 20 years and is currently the tester for Geckoboard. He has been a member of a test team, a Solo Tester and a Test Lead. He has also worked as a part of waterfall, lean and agile teams.

Mike has a B.Sc.(HONS) from Middlesex University and is an Associate of the University of Hertfordshire. He has set up and led a Testing Community of Practice and been part of a successful agile transition. He is also Co-Programme Chair of the British Computer Society’s Specialist Interest Group in Software Testing.

In his spare time he coaches his daughters cricket team

Follow Mike on Twitter: @TestAndAnalysis”

Evolving Your Career: Questions an Interviewee Should Ask
Choosing to work at a new company involves excitement, possibility and risk. Working with lean and agile teams provides a great framework for testers and it is useful to explore a company’s lean and agile practices before accepting a job offer. My talk will make suggestions about how to reduce risk when accepting a new job offer by using the interview to question a prospective employer about their lean and agile practices.

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