Sudeep Chatterjee

Sudeep Chatterjee

Head of QA and Testing, London Stock Exchange


Sudeep is a senior leader with top tier Investment banking and financial services experience managing testing globally for enterprise-wide change programmes, digital & cloud transformations. Currently Head of Testing and QA for London Stock Exchange Group focused on building high performing multi-disciplinary teams & delivering testing for complex technology-driven business, cloud transformations & regulatory programmes. Sudeep is a evangelist who loves solving organisational challenges with thought leadership & strategies and apply DevOps techniques for testing whilst implementing an ‘automation first’ approach.

Driving competitive advantage through Non-Functional Testing !
In this talk, Sudeep Chatterjee, describes the importance of non functional requirements and testing vis-a-vis functional requirements and testing. Sudeep will show real world examples of how businesses are affected and the scale of the problem when the non-functional problem comes up in business operations.

This presentation focuses on the fact that non-functional requirements and testing are same as or perhaps more important than functional requirements and testing and the SDLC practices should be geared more towards acknowledging this and focussing more on Non Functional Requirements and Testing. Sudeep will show what types of Non Functional Requirements should be considered, what are the usual challenges of testing non functional requirements particularly in Agile and DevOps and show too some simple tips and tricks to improve the non functional testing space for your organisation.

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