Sarah Saunders

Sarah Saunders

Managing Software Engineer, Capgemini


Sarah is a Managing Software Engineer at Capgemini, guiding a team of 100 developers through their engineering careers. A jack of all technical trades, she began with 10 years as a Java dev before branching out into all sorts of exciting things including ASP.NET, JavaScript, NoCode/LoCode, Node.js, ethereum, IoT, and Alexa programming. She likes to cultivate a holistic view of technology and talk about her experiences and the lessons she’s learned.

Software Engineering Quality in an Automated World
With DevOps providing automated quality checks and BDD/test coverage ensuring a codebase meets certain requirements, what software engineering skills do we recruit for? Can anyone now produce production-quality code? If not, what is it that we should focus on to create the best teams we can?

We often refer back to the Agile Manifesto, but we should align this with the Software Crafstmanship Manifesto, and remind ourselves of the aspects of a team and a project which result in quality and hence success.

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