Michael Short

Michael Short

Founder and CEO, Culture Works Consulting


Michael develops deep and trusted relationships with Executive leaders, their teams and reports to enable them to create the required change to achieve their purpose, including through Executive Coaching.

Over the last 30+ years Michael has held CEO and President roles in Europe and the USA. His understanding of the challenges of individual and executive team development comes from first-hand experience and implementation, both successful and, as important, learning from failure.

He is a firm believer in Strengths, Game Changer and Agile methods as a tool to effect positive change at a sustainable pace for the environment in which his clients are operating.

Google Apostle Study says “Psychological Safety is number 1” for team performance
Google studied most effective drivers of team working, Psychological Safety was number one. Agile working is about teams that are inclusive, learning, collaborative and challenging. Agile working fails when these elements are not generated and maintained. Psychological safety should be top of your list to achieve Agile Teamworking.

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