Dan Belcher

Dan Belcher

Co-founder at mabl


Dan Belcher is a Co-founder at mabl. Prior to mabl, Dan was the Lead Product Manager for monitoring and logging at Google, which he joined through its acquisition of Stackdriver, a company which he also co-founded. He spent his early career working on infrastructure and ops tools at Microsoft and VMware. Dan combines his technical experience with a broad and continuously updated view of the market to guide his product development teams.

How Low-Code Enables Continuous Testing in DevOps
As an industry, we understand that effective test automation is a key enabler – or inhibitor to – realizing the potential of DevOps. Automation is critical to innovating with speed and quality, and we’ve spent innumerable hours of engineering effort on sophisticated test automation suites. But, very few of us are happy with the results.

In this session, mabl Co-founder Dan Belcher will share how low-code platforms enable entire teams to shift testing left and integrate automated tests directly into your pipelines. Dan will also share a set of strategies to overcome traditional challenges with test automation throughout the DevOps pipeline. In the end, you’ll have a foundation for an efficient and effective testing strategy and an understanding of the technology needed to be successful.