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Thenmozhi Paramasivam

Thenmozhi Paramasivam

Engineering Chapter Lead – Quality, Lloyds Banking Group


Thenmozhi Paramasivam (Thean) working as Quality Engineering Chapter Lead, leading high performing and competitive teams delivering changes across desktop, Mobile browser and Apps to serve the largest digital bank of UK. Cracked, and tracked 19 years of her life into Testing Competency with different domains such as Media, E-Commerce, now driving the ride in Banking and Financial domain by leading a Best Agile Delivery Team. Thean has really supported the mission that all customers should have access to digital services and to support this, has employed the use of simulated user experience tools which includes vision impairment glasses and arthritis gloves whilst developing web and mobile apps.

Building Accessibility & Inclusivity into solutions
Understand how we are designing for accessibility and making the digital products and propositions inclusive for all customers.