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Ian Sawchuk

Ian Sawchuk

Cloud Engineer, Fidelity International


Having started my career at Fidelity International almost 23 years ago as a Java developer, I have gone on to work in multiple teams delivering applications and solutions for key back and front office business areas. Four years ago I moved into what is now the AWS Operations team, who are responsible for managing and developing Fidelity’s AWS enterprise estate across multiple global regions, employing DevOps, IaC and various methods of collaboration to deliver solutions in a scalable environment.

CASE STUDY: Deploying with Confidence: Achieving Zero Downtime Deployment Across Our Enterprise AWS Landscape
This presentation explores strategies for achieving seamless deployment in our enterprise AWS environment. Emphasizing rigorous automated testing, peer review processes, pipelines as code, and Infrastructure as Code (IaC), we uncover the essentials for deploying with confidence. Learn how these strategies streamline processes, minimize risks, and enhance efficiency, empowering enterprises to excel.